Creation and the Resurrection (DVD) £10.00
Creation and the Resurrection (DVD)

In this heavily illustrated DVD, Dr Monty White looks at the various options explaining the origin of the Universe, Monty shows that the only logical conclusion is that In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.  The original perfection of the creation is contrasted with the fallen world in which we live.  The subsequent Fall of Adam is shown to result in physical and spiritual death. Finally, Monty explains how we can be regenerated from our dead spiritual state by trusting in the sacrifical death of the Lord Jesus Christ and how the Holy Spirit was involved both in the creation and also in the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. resurrection.jpg
Can You Trust the Bible? (DVD) £10.00
Can You Trust the Bible? (DVD)

This talk examines four different areas to show that you can indeed trust the Bible: the reliability of the documents from which the Bible is translated; the historical data that we find in the Bible; the fact that prophecies recorded in the Bible have been undeniably fulfilled; and the fact that you can trust the Biblical predictions about miracles occurring in a Christian’s life.  The talk ends with a clear Gospel presentation showing that you can not only trust the Bible, but you can also trust the God of the Bible.
Genesis – the Foundation of Our Faith (DVD) £10.00
Genesis – the Foundation of Our Faith (DVD)

This very general Bible-based talk is to show that many fundamental Christian doctrines have the book of Genesis as their foundation.  The doctrines of God, sin, death, the curse and the Gospel are based upon what the early chapters of Genesis teach.  These chapters also give an explanation of the origin of universe, the Earth, the sun, the moon and the stars, as well as the origin of species, humans, marriage, clothes and of languages and nations.  The foundation of the Gospel message is also found in the early chapters of Genesis.
Geological Time Bombs (DVD) £10.00
Geological Time Bombs (DVD)

This talk looks at some of the geological time bombs that provide evidence that we live on a young earth.  These are the fact that there is evidence for the Flood that is recorded in Genesis; the fact that rock layers can form quickly; the fact that fossilisation occurs quickly;  the fact that fossils do not show evidence for evolution; the fact that canyons can form quickly; and the fact that land structures such as beaches, cliffs, glens, drumlins form quickly.  Finally, the myth that God does not exist is considered and the Gospel message is clearly presented.
Was Darwin Deluded? (DVD) £10.00
Was Darwin Deluded? (DVD)

The talk begins with a brief summary of Charles Darwin’s life and the way in which he was deluded.  Examples of Biblical kinds and the variations (different species) that are often found within them is demonstrated by looking at different vegetables, different breeds of rabbits, horses and pigs and dogs.  The finches that Darwin observed on the different islands in the Galapagos Islands are shown to be variations within the finch kind.  Darwin’s idea that all life forms are descended from a common ancestor is shown to be false.  Finally, Darwin’s religious ideas are considered with reference to the problems he had with the existence of death, disease and suffering.
Your Family Tree – Ape or Adam? (DVD) £10.00
Your Family Tree – Ape or Adam? (DVD)

The aim of this talk is to show that there is no evidence for the evolution of humans from ape-like ancestors.  The implications of believing in evolution or creation for our human origin is explored.  The popular images and drawings of ape-people are scrutinised with particular reference to the Neanderthal People, the Piltdown fraud and to Nebraska Man who was mistakenly reconstructed from a tooth of a peccary (a pig-like animal).  Lucy, as well as her so-called ‘baby’ are critically examined to see what exactly has been found.  The origin of the different races of humans is briefly explained.  Actual drawings of Cro-Magnon Man reveal that cavemen did not look ape-like.  Before a Gospel presentation is given, population statistics are shown to show that the world’s present population can be reached from one human pair in less than 5,000 years.
Jesus Christ, Adam & Ape-People (DVD) £10.00
Jesus Christ, Adam & Ape-People (DVD)

This heavily illustrated talk looks at what the Bible teaches in both the New and Old Testament about Adam.  Dr Monty White exposes the errors made by scientists and theologians in teaching that Adam was some form of evolved ape. Monty then expounds Genesis chapter three explaining the fall of Adam and its consequences.  Finally, Dr White demolishes the pre-conceived idea that is regularly promoted regarding the primitive nature of our cave-dwelling ancestors. christ adam ape-people.jpg
What Happened to the Dinosaurs?  (DVD) £10.00
What Happened to the Dinosaurs? (DVD)

In this well illustrated talk, Dr Monty White, looks at some of the many explanations that have been put forward over the last fifty years to explain the demise of the dinosaurs.  He also considers the creation of the dinosaurs, and their subsequent history, according to what the Bible teaches about the early history of the Earth, and gives an explanation for stories about dragons. hap dino.jpg
DNA, Dinosaurs and Dragons  (DVD) £10.00
DNA, Dinosaurs and Dragons (DVD)

After looking at the amount of genetic information found in the nucleus of a fertilized human egg, Dr Monty White considers the supposed evolution of dinosaurs into birds.  He looks at the differences between a scale of the skin and the complexity of the delicate and intricate structure of a flight feather and asks the crucial question, "Where did the additional genetic information come from?"  He also looks at the evolutionary ideas of what happened to the dinosaurs.  Finally he considers whether dragons could have been dinosaurs.

This DVD can be purchased separately or as part of the discounted Conference Set of five DVD's. dinosaurs.jpg
Kinds, Canines & Cavemen (DVD) £10.00
Kinds, Canines & Cavemen (DVD)

Dr Monty White shows that far from contradicting the Bible, Darwin's work on the origin of species actually confirms the veracity of Genesis chapter one - that plants and animals reproduce after their own kind. After showing that humans still live in caves today, self-portraits of the Cro-Magnon people show them to be thoroughly modern and nothing like the ape-like depictions made by modern artists.  Finally, he constructs a population clock showing that, starting with two people, the present human population on the earth can easily be reached within 5,000 years.

This DVD can be purchased separately or as part of the discounted Conference Set of five DVD's. canines and caveman.jpg
Origins and the Age of the Earth (DVD) £10.00
Origins and the Age of the Earth (DVD)

Dr Monty White establishes that the Bible teaches that God created the Cosmos just a few thousand years ago and that there is scientific evidence from a variety of scientific disciplines to support this.  He looks at a number of examples, including the geological column, the formation of rocks, Potassium-Argon Dating, biochemical findings that have been found in different dinosaur fossils and shows that they each point to the earth being thousands, and not millions, of years old.

This DVD can be purchased separately or as part of the discounted Conference Set of five DVD's. and the age of the earth.jpg
The Heavens Declare The Glory of God (DVD) £10.00
The Heavens Declare The Glory of God (DVD)

Come with Dr Monty White on a journey into space that will convince you once and for all that the heavens do declare the glory of God.  In this heavily illustrated talk he demonstrates the vastness of space and also shows photographs of the huge variety of stars that we find in the heavens.  Monty reminds us of the greatness of the Creator who not only created these vast number of stars, but also names and counts them! He goes on to remind us that God has put us in what is known as the "Goldilocks Zone" (an area in space that is just right for life) and that he sent his only begotten Son onto this planet earth to die for our sin.

This DVD can be purchased separately or as part of the discounted Conference Set of five DVD's. heavens declare.jpg
Archaeology & The Bible (DVD) £10.00
Archaeology & The Bible (DVD)

In this heavily illustrated talk, Dr Monty White shows how archaeology can help us have a better understanding of Old Testament History.  He outlines the history of the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah and helps  us to understand the relationship these two kingdoms had with each other and with their neighbours.  The section about how we know the dates of the kings that reigned in Israel and Judah is particularly helpful.  Using graphic accounts from the Bible and historical records of the Assyrians, Babylonians and the Romans, Monty shows that the Bible is totally reliable and trustworthy.

This DVD can be purchased separately or as part of the discounted Conference Set of five DVD's. and the bible.jpg
Conference Set (DVDs) £35.00
Conference Set (DVDs)

This Conference Set is composed of five talks which Dr Monty White gave at a residential conference near Llandovery in mid-Wales.  The set consists of the following titles (which can each be purchased separately):

Archaeology & The Bible; DNA, Dinosaurs & Dragons; Kinds, Canines & Cavemen;Origins and the Age of The Earth; The Heavens Declare The Glory of God. of dvds.jpg
Light and Life by Richard Alexander (CD) £8.00
Light and Life by Richard Alexander (CD)

This CD contains 12 songs written and sung by Richard in an easy-to-listen-to style accompanied by him playing his guitar.  The words for all the songs are included so that you can sing along or teach them to your Sunday School children.  The songs deal with the topic of origins and also your walk with God.
The Evolution Crisis (BOOK) £2.00
The Evolution Crisis (BOOK)

This book features the testimonies of five scientists who were not raised to believe in creation.  On the contrary, they made an informed choice in adulthood – while studying and working within various scientific disciplines – to abandon Darwinism in favour of the Biblical account of creation.  The issues, investigations and inquiries that led each one to make this paradigm shift provide the reader with fascinating and challenging reading.
What About Origins? by Dr A J Monty White (BOOK) £8.00
What About Origins? by Dr A J Monty White (BOOK)

In this book Monty demonstrates that the evolutionary explanations that are put forward to try to explain origins are invariably weak and are unsupported by the scientific data.  Monty shows that the ultimate answers to the questions of origins are to be found only in the Bible.
Wonderfully Made (BOOK) £3.00
Wonderfully Made (BOOK)

In this book Dr Monty White deals specifically with the subject of human origins and considers the evidence from various scientific disciplines in the light of Scripture.

Take advantage of its Special Offer price. made.jpg
A Time to Laugh by Irene White (BOOK) £7.99
A Time to Laugh by Irene White (BOOK)

This book is a collection of amusing short stories.  It is an ideal book to give to a friend who is in need of being cheered up.  Wet beds, toilet paper rationing, being held up by armed soldiers - these are not the incidents that readily come to mind when you think about people engaged in Christian ministry in the UK.  However, such "horror stories" are related by Irene White with such wit and humour, that you find yourself crying with laughter as she recounts these and other equally bizarre incidents.  Interwoven with these stories are narratives of motherhood, you can read about the antics of her three children in this not-to-be-put0down book. 2 428x640.jpg

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