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Q: Don’t creationists believe in a flat earth?
I must say that I have never met any creationist who believes in a flat Earth.  The reason for this is that the Bible teaches that the Earth is spherical in Job 26:7.  Here we are told that the Earth is suspended in space – the obvious comparison being with the spherical sun and moon.

There is an excellent article about what the Bible teaches about the shape of the earth at
Q: Who made God?
In order to find the answer to this question, we have to turn to the Bible for it is in this book and in this book alone, that we learn about God.

The Bible is the word of God rather than the thoughts and ideas of any human being and it is the only book that tells us about God – the one true God, the Creator of everything. When we search the Scriptures we learn that God did not have a beginning – He has always existed – and it follows therefore that He did not have a Creator – no one made Him! To ask the question “Who made God?” is to ask a nonsensical question such as “What does the colour red smell like?” The colour red does not have a smell; God did not have a beginning; God did not have a Creator - He has always been and always will be.
Q: Aren’t the days in Genesis chapter one long periods of time?
Some people argue that the days in Genesis chapter one are not literal days, but are long periods of time.  However, the Hebrew word that is translated “day” in Genesis chapter one is yom.  In the context in which it is used in this chapter, this word yom means, and can only mean, a literal day.

This can be shown by studying the use of this word outside of Genesis chapter one.  Whenever the word yom is found outside of Genesis chapter one with a numeral (one, two, tree, four and so on) – and this occurs 410 times in the singular and plural – it always means a literal day.  Furthermore, whenever the word yom is found outside of Genesis chapter one with the phrase “evening and morning” – and this occurs no fewer than 38 times – it always means a literal day.  Finally, whenever the word yom is found outside of Genesis chapter one with the either “evening” or “morning” – and this occurs 23 times with each – it always means a literal day.

These grammatical considerations mean that the days in Genesis chapter one can only be literal days.
Q: I have often heard it say that no real scientists believe in creation. How do you respond to this accusation?
First of all let me say that I am a real scientist and I believe in creation as revealed in the Bible.

What evidence do I have that I am a real scientist? I studied Chemistry at University and obtained a BSc and then a PhD. These are real degrees – not bought ones or fake ones as some people state in their blogs. They were awarded by the University of Wales in 1967 and 1970, respectively. I then spent two years in chemical research at Aberystwyth University – studying the optical and electrical properties of organic semi-conductors. My degrees and my research qualify me for calling myself a real scientist.

But I am not alone. In the book In Six Days, no fewer than 50 scientists, all with earned PhDs, give their testimonies of why they believe in creation.

It is a myth that there are no real scientists who believe in creation.

Why not get yourself a copy of the book 'In Six Days' so that you can read the testimonies of these scientists for yourself?

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