Ida - the subject of an orchestrated media campaign of hype
Who or what is Ida?  She is the fossilised remains of a young female lemur-like monkey.  She is 95% complete and you can even see her fur which has been fossilised.  When she was alive, she would have been 1’ 9’’ tall with a tail making her 3ft long. 

When was she found? She was dug up 26 years ago in the famous Messel pit which is near Frankfurt in Germany.  The Messel pit is an ancient volcanic crater.  Since she was discovered, she has been in a private collection, but in 2006, she was sold for £660,000 to Professor Hurum of Norway’s Natural History Museum. 

Why is she called Ida? Her scientific name is Darwinius masillae – named as such in honour of Charles Darwin.  She was named Ida after the daughter of Professor Hurum. 

What is all the fuss about? She is supposed to have lived 47 million years ago and is believed to be the link between primates and the rest of the animal world and this is supposed to confirm Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.  She looks nothing like the proverbial “ape-man”, but looks more like a modern-day lemur.  Lemurs are tailed, tree-climbing primates that are found in Madagascar.  Ida looks nothing like a human, 

What makes the evolutionists think she is so important?  They maintain that Ida is a link between the primates and the apes and because we are supposed to have evolved from ape-like ancestors, they are maintaining that Ida links humans to the rest of the animal world.  The main arguments for her being a link include the following:

1   Ida has opposable big toes on her feet – just like the apes.Comment:  Humans do not have opposable big toes on their feet!

2   The structure of Ida’s teeth is similar to lemurs, apes and humans.Comment:  Similarity in structure does not prove common descent.

3   Ida has nails, not claws.Comment:  Other primates have nails, not claws – this has nothing to do with evolution.

4   Ida has a talus bone in her feet and because humans also have this bone, it is supposed to prove that Ida is our ancestor.Comment:  Again, the argument that is being used is that similarity in structure proves evolution.  But this is an assumption, not a conclusion. 

What conclusions can we draw about Ida?  Ida looks nothing like a chimpanzee, let alone an “ape-man” or a human.  There is nothing about Ida to suggest that she is anything other than an extinct, lemur-like creature. 

Dr Monty White

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