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On Thursday 15th January 2009, Monty and I travelled to London so that we could visit the Darwin Big Idea Big Exhibition in the Natural History Museum.

The first thing we noticed when we entered the Museum was that the large white marble statue of Charles Darwin was taking centre stage at the head of the staircase in the main entrance hall -

we did not have time to discover to where they had moved the statue of Richard Owens, that had been in that position for a number of years. However, it did seem sensible for Mr Darwin’ statue to be moved to this new place from the former inelegant position by a pillar in the cafeteria – at least you can now take a Monty catches up with Charlesdecent picture of him!

At first we thought our visit was going to be thwarted when the building had to be evacuated due to a security alert. However, it was a false alarm apparently caused by builder’s dust rather than the presence of two creation extremists!

Soon the panic was over and we were able to tour around the Exhibition. It is a sizeable exhibit with a variety of things to look at, starting with two stuffed mockingbirds from Darwin’s collection. There are a couple of live exhibits – an iguana and a frog known as “the mouth” due to the way it hides under gravel, earth etc with its mouth wide open, eating anything that comes its way.

There are displays of various artefacts from Darwin’s collection including an array of stuffed finches and fossils. There are also quite a number of his handwritten letters and manuscripts and a reconstruction of his study from Down House. All this makes the Exhibition very interesting from an historical point of view.

The Exhibition demonstrates that Darwin’s scientific observations showed that varieties exist within a species. However, to make the unscientific claim that this proves that everything has evolved from a common ancestor is a “leap of faith” – totally unacceptable for a scientist like my husband.

We were both saddened by the way creationists and ID scientists and their beliefs were just dismissed as nonsensical and unscientific. We see this as total arrogance for the evolutionists’ beliefs are themselves nonsensical and unscientific. There is absolutely no proof that natural selection can cause one kind of plant or animal to become a totally different kind of plant or animal. All the Exhibition could offer was variety within a kind – something that creationists accept without argument.

Monty and I were sad, and a little surprised, that embryonic recapitulation was still being propagated. Have they not heard of how Haeckel took this idea and fabricated his research to “prove” this part of Darwin’s theory? We thought that every proper scientist accepted that embryonic recapitulation is untrue. Science Bannershows us that the genetic information in any embryo, however early a stage it is, causes that creature to be reproduced after its kind. Therefore, cats give rise to cats, dogs to dogs, cattle to cattle, apes to apes and humans to humans. It does not matter if there seem to be similarities in the development of any embryos at an early stage – they never have been, and never will become, any other kind of creature.

Furthermore, we were amazed that they were still propagating the long debunked idea of the evolution of modern horse from Hyracotherium. In addition, Archaeopteryx was also declared by one scientist on film to be the link between dinosaurs and birds. I think that these examples alone show how unscientific the Exhibition really is.

In the Exhibition we read statements that the fossil record shows the continuous “wipe-out” and then re-emergence of the same species in different parts of the world. Somehow this is supposed to prove evolution. There was also a false claim that the fossil record contains creatures we no longer recognise - with the exception of dinosaurs and trilobites, we recognise all the fossils because we still have examples of them living today e.g. corals, clams, beech trees, as well as the coelacanth.

In this bicentenary year of the birth of Charles Darwin, it is sad that the Natural History Museum continues to promote as fact the unproven faith position of Darwin’s theory of evolution. It would be good if they could be fair minded enough to have comments from scientists who reject this theory and who hold to the creation account as taught in God’s infallible word – the Bible. Such scientists should not be insulted by the ridicule of the so-called “experts” who appear on video in the Exhibition and who, by the way, do not even take the trouble to find out what creation scientists actually believe and teach.

The Exhibition is on until 19th April 2009. It is worth a visit to see the historical setting for Darwin’s theory of evolution. But do not be taken in by the outdated, and disproven, arguments of some of the statements you will come across in the Exhibition.

At the end of the Exhibition, you are invited to fill in a comment card. Instead, I popped one of Geoff Chapman’s tracts Darwin in the Dock into the comment box – we pray the Lord will use it. You can get copies of this tract from the CRT website (www.c-r-t.co.uk).

Irene White

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