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Monty WhiteMonty was brought up by his parents to be an atheist. However, he became Christian in 1964 when he was an undergraduate student at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. While reading for an honours degree in Chemistry, he also studied Geology which led to his believing in theistic evolution – that evolution had occurred, but God had controlled the processes. This was the way he thought he could reconcile evolutionary teaching with Scripture. In 1969 he undertook a study of the Scriptures and also the scientific “evidence” which is proffered as proof of evolution. After two years he was convinced that “in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them.” His first book, What About Origins? was written as a result of this study.

Monty is a graduate of the University of Wales obtaining his BSc in 1967 and being awarded a PhD in 1970 for his research in the field of Gas Kinetics. After a further two years of chemical research at Aberystwyth, Monty moved to Cardiff where he held a number of senior administrative posts at Cardiff University. In September 2000 he became the Chief Executive of Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe) which has its headquarters in Leicester.

Since leaving Answers in Genesis in July 2008, Monty and his wife, Irene, have been living by faith. They have an itinerant ministry with Monty speaking/preaching about the Bible, Old Testament History and also Creation. He is available for bookings – whether the meeting is small or large.

Monty has written four books and numerous articles and pamphlets dealing with the subject of creation and evolution. He has also contributed chapters on creation to other books and has had literally hundreds of articles published in magazines and journals world-wide. His writings have been translated into French, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Swedish. Monty has spoken and lectured extensively not only in the UK, but also in many European countries as well as in Hong Kong and the USA. From 1983 until 2001, Monty was a visiting lecturer on the subject of the Bible and Science at the State Independent Theological University of Basel, in Switzerland.

Although Monty is well-known for speaking and writing about creation, he enjoys studying and preaching the whole of the Bible. He has served as a Bible Study leader in his local church for many years. For over 25 years he preached in the many non-Conformists chapels that are in South Wales.

Although Dr Monty White has retained his interest in Chemistry and is a Chartered Chemist and a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, he has continued his love of Geology and spends much of his spare time studying geological formations and searching for fossils with his wife.

Monty has three grown-up children and one grandson.

For a list of other ministries Monty supports, please click here.
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